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Vanessa Lee Segale Khaleel was raised in the Bay Area and loves Mexican food. She literally stumbled upon solo perfomance when she was feeling a slight buzz at a Dave Chapelle show and went up to comedian W. Kamau Bell while he was chowing down on a Ceasar salad. Since becoming a member of Bell's Solo Performance Workshop, (now Martha Rynberg's SPW) she has performed at venues all over the Bay Area, including The Shelton Theater, Menlo College, CounterPULSE and at the Annual SF Theatre Festival. Her solo pieces combine the visceral, take no prisoners humor of comedy clubs, combined with the intimacy of theater. She likes the color pink, fine red wine, all paraben free face lotions, and thinks her kids have better dance moves than yours.


Vanessa Khaleel Performs at StageWerx SF
Friday March 31, 2017
Vanessa Lee Segale Khaleel - Solo Performance Workshop

You Don't Know Me Like That

7:00p @ Stagewerx | 446 Valencia St., San Francisco
Solo Performance Workshop is an 8-session course designed to support the development of professional level theatrical solo performance. Each participant creates a unique and personal 15 minute solo performance piece using a variety of writing and performance techniques. The Workshop culminates with a public performance where each participant's work is showcased.

SPW is recommended for performers of all disciplines, including actors, writers, comedians, spoken word artists, musicians and dancers. All levels of experience are welcome, from those who have never been on stage before to those preparing a piece for a professional production or audition. Members of the Workshop have taken their shows to stages all over the Bay Area, as well as venues and festivals from Los Angeles to New York.

More Info | GET TICKETS HERE | 16+ yrs